Picking a meh-dai baby carrier

You want to find the great sensation of the babywarp but you also want a quick installation ? The meï-tai (meh-dai) baby carrier may be what you are looking for !
The meitai (or meh-dai) is a portage originating from Asia. It includes an apron and straps that are to tie.

meh-dai carrier Ling Ling d'amour

At Ling Ling d'amour, we offer different models according to your needs and those of your child. You can use it for front carry, hip carry or back carry. The physiological position of baby is respected, as for the wearer.

# 1 - The Mid-Tai

The Mid-Tai is an inspiring and improved Asian baby carrier. It is intended for parents looking for a good compromise between wearable sling and kangaroo baby carrier. It allows you to wear baby in front, wear on the side or wear on the back.
The Mid Tai consists of an adjustable apron in width and height, a belt to tie and two wide straps to tie.
The adjustable apron of the baby carrier allows you to follow the growth of your baby. You will be able to wear baby at his 4 months (about 6kg) by adjusting the apron to the smallest. The headrest can also be lowered to complete the adjustment of the apron and make the portage even more comfortable for your little one. As your child gets older, simply enlarge the apron.
The wide straps of the Mid-Taï baby carrier allow you to vary the finishes when carrying baby. You will be able to cross them simply under the buttocks of baby then tie them in your back. You can also strengthen the seat by spreading the fabric under the baby's base. In this way, carrying is even more comfortable when baby is growing up. You will be able to carry baby on the back up to 18kg in this way (about 3 years).

Price of Mid-Tai : 59.90 euros
Age range of the baby carrier: 4 months - 36 months
Weight range of the baby carrier: 6 kg - 18 kg

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# 2 - The Mid-Tai + (or Mid-Tai plus)

The Mid Tai + is a baby carrier inspired by our best seller Mid-Tai. It is even more practical and reveals even more clever design details for carrying baby.
The Mid-Tai + is a meh-dai baby carrier. It consists of an apron adjustable in height and width, a belt to tie and two mixed straps to tie.
What does the term "mixed straps" mean? It's simply that the straps are padded and wide. This ingenuity allows a quasi-instantaneous implementation on the shoulders of the parent carrier. There is no longer even need to adjust the fabric on the shoulders, the straps are positioned themselves.
Like the Mid-Tai, the evolving Mid-Tai Plus apron lets you follow your child's growth. Its adjustment system allows you to reduce or enlarge the seat, and reduce or increase the height. You can carry baby from 4 months up to 18 kg maximum (about 3 years). As the baby grows up, we invite you to test the strengthening of the seat by spreading the straps well under the baby's buttocks. The babywearing will be even more comfortable!

Price of Mid-Taï +: 69,90 euros
Age range: 4 months - 36 months
Weight range : 6 kg - 18 kg

meh-dai carrier Ling Ling d'amour Mid-Tai +

# 3 - The Maxi-Tai

As its name suggests, the Maxi-Tai is maxi! This is a toddler baby carrier or even preschool baby carrier that we recommend for carrying toddlers or carrying children up to 5 years old. Some people like to call it the child carrier. Indeed, its wide and non-adjustable apron is comfortable to wear a child of 2 years, 3 years up to 5 years (maximum 27kg).
Just like our other meitai models, the Maxi-Taï has an apron, a tie belt and mixed straps to tie.
Its straps are mixed, ie they are both wide and padded. This particular installation allows a pose of almost instant straps on the shoulders of the parent carrier. There is no need to adjust the fabric over your shoudler.

Price of Maxi-Taï: 65.90 euros
Age range: 2 years - 5 years
Minimum child size: 90 cm
Maximum weight: 27 kg

meh-dai preschool carrier Ling Ling d'amour Maxi-Tai

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